Do you have big ideas for the LAFP?  Want to help get the momentum going?  
Become a Board Member.  

As 2019 begins, we are making room for a fresh new Board. We know there are great ideas out there—so we are calling upon YOU to show your interest in becoming a LAFP Board Member!  

Here’s your opportunity to run for a position or nominate a candidate!  

The LAFP Nominating Committee will select a slate of officers and directors. We encourage your input. If you are interested in serving or have recommendations for consideration of the Nominating Committee, please submit your nomination by March 1, 2019. The following positions are up for re-election:

  • President-Elect
  • District 1 Director
  • District 6B Director 
  • Vice President
  • District 1 Alternate Director
  • District 6B Alternate Director
  • Secretary
  • District 4 Director
  • District 7 Director
  • Speaker
  • District 4 Alternate Director
  • District 7 Alternate Director
  • Vice-Speaker
  • District 5 Director
  • District 8 Director
  • AAFP Delegate
  • District 5 Alternate Director
  • District 8 Alternate Director
  • AAFP Alternate Delegate
  • Student and Student
    Alt. Representative
  • Resident and Resident
    Alt. Representative

Please Help the LAFP Identify Academy Leaders for 2019!

I understand and agree to the requirements of a Board position:


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