The Smith, Kline & French President's Grant was established in November of 1980 as an unrestricted yearly grant to the AAFP President to be designated by the Academy President to further the aims and goals of family medicine.  

Dr. Gerald R. Gehringer, member of LAFP, Past President of LAFP, Professor Emeritus, and Past Head of the Department of Family Medicine at LSUMC New Orleans, was President of the American Academy of Family Physicians in 1982-1983. Dr. Gerald R. Gehringer stipulated that this $10,000 grant shall be used for a family medicine award.  


  • The Fund will be known as the Gerald R. Gehringer Fund.
  • The Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians Foundation will serve as custodian for the Fund.
  • The character and scope of the award will be under the direction of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians Foundation.
  • The monies deposited to the fund will be in such interest bearing accounts that will provide the best yield in order to insure perpetuation of the award.  


  • The Award will be known as the "Gerald R. Gehringer Family Medicine Award" for outstanding leadership and scholarly accomplishments in the field of family medicine.
  • The Award will consist of an appropriately inscribed plaque accompanied by a cash award derived from the interest earned (the principal amount is to be kept in reserve).
  • The LAFP Foundation will determine the amount of the cash award annually.
  • Candidates for the "Gerald R. Gehringer Award" may be nominated by the full-time faculty of the LSU School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine in New Orleans or by any active member of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Letters of recommendation should accompany nominations from a member of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians or the LSU School of Medicine family medicine faculty.
  • The LAFP Foundation Board will make final selection of the recipient of the “Gerald R. Gehringer Award”.
  • The award is to be given to one student and is not to be split between two (2) or more students.
  • The award does not have to be given annually if there is no suitable candidate.
  • The LAFP staff will order the plaque to be available for presentation at awards ceremony by the date as determined by LSU Health-New Orleans School of Medicine.
  • The President of the LAFP or his designated officer representative shall present the award, if possible.
  • The Award Recipient will be recognized at the Installation & Awards Ceremony during the LAFP Annual Assembly.


Candidates for the "Gerald R. Gehringer Award" should be:

  1. A senior graduating from LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans.
  2. An individual who has demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in family medicine.
  3. A person who has been accepted into a Family Medicine Residency Program.
  4. A person who has shown evidence of active student leadership in family medicine activities.
  5. A person who has demonstrated evidence of superior scholastic achievement in overall medical school studies and particularly in the field of family medicine.
  6. Be a student member in good standing of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Family Physicians.  


  • Participation in a LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans Family Medicine Interest Group or club.
  • Such student must have selected course work in family medicine during medical school activities such as a preceptorship or clerkship.
  • Such individual should be readily identified by the student body as enthusiastic and interested in family medicine.
  • Such person must have shown scholarly accomplishment in family medicine by the development of a research project or publication of a scientific paper.
  • Such individual must have shown scholarly accomplishment in his medical school courses other than family medicine.
  • Such individual should be a participant in Louisiana family medicine activities at the state or national level.  


The nominations packet must contain the following:

  • Completed nomination form (1 page PDF)
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • A high-resolution head shot
  • A short bio of the nominee
  • Letter of recommendation from the faculty of LSU Health New Orleans Department of Family Medicine or an LAFP active member  

The nominations along with the supporting documentation as detailed above are due to the LAFP office by March 22, 2024.  

Electronic and hard copy nominations will be accepted. If submitting electronically, please scan the nomination form and all supporting documentation to one PDF file. Hard copy submissions also will be accepted. If mailing, please do not fold the materials. The packet should be mailed flat with no staples. No two-sided copies, please.

Nominations, along with all supporting materials and documentation, can be emailed or mailed to: Lee Ann Albert, email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians 
919 Tara Boulevard 
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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