LAFP Awards

Deadline: March 1, 2018
Family Physician of the Year
The Nominations Committee urges all LAFP members to consider their colleagues and submit a nomination for the Louisiana Family Physician of the Year (FPOY) Award. This award is one of the LAFP's highest honors. Help us bring recognition and visibility to a deserving family physician that serves and benefits the profession, the specialty and the community.
AAFP Awards

These awards recognize family physicians who are deemed to have made exceptional advances in furthering the strategic objectives of the Academy. This program assists AAFP members and staff, as well as constituent chapters, to identify, select, and recommend appropriate forms of recognition for exceptional initiatives or efforts that benefit family medicine.
The AAFP Office of Governance tracks all awards given by the organization and maintains records of previous recipients, award citations, and photographs of actual awards for reference.
Deadline: March 1, 2018
AAFP Award for Distinguished and Meritorious Service to Family Medicine
This award recognizes members, nonmembers, chapter executives with 25-year service, and entities for long-time dedication to furthering the objectives of the AAFP and furthering the specialty of family medicine.
Exemplary Teaching Awards
This award recognize exemplary teaching skills, the implementation of outstanding educational programs, and the development of innovative teaching models. Each chapter may nominate one individual for the full-time/part-time award and one individual for the volunteer award.
Family Physician of the Year
This award recognizes involvement in community affairs and activities that enhance the quality of life of the community.
John G. Walsh Award for Lifetime Contributions to Family Medicine
This award is for Lifetime Contributions to Family Medicine honors individuals whose dedication and effective leadership has furthered the development of family medicine. Chapters and commission members can now nominate individuals for the award.
Humanitarian Award
This award recognizes extraordinary and enduring humanitarian efforts.
Public Health Award
This award recognizes individuals who have made or are making extraordinary contributions to the American public's health. Active members can submit nominations through their chapter using the application form.
Thomas W. Johnson Award for Career Contributions to Family Medicine Education
This award recognizes outstanding contributions to Family Medicine education in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education spheres.
Deadline: April 1, 2018
This award recognizes an outstanding family physician for his or her role as a physician executive.

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