Board of Directors Meeting Conference Call
November 15, 2018– 6:00 PM
Phone 877-366-0711 and Passcode 36248238#

I. Call to Order – Christopher Foret, MD

II. Approval of Board of Directors Minutes – July 4, 2018

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

A. LAFP Tailgate Party on 11/17 – LSU vs. Rice

B. Operations Committee – Bryan Picou, MD

1. Approval of 2019 budget

C. RFP for Office of Group Benefits

D. General Assembly Resolutions

1. Resolution 2: Prior Authorization of Medications and Denials

ACT 423 by Mills:
ACT 317 by Morrell:
ACT 579 by Mills:
ACT 371 by Mills:

E. Physician Finder and joint effort with LSMS & AAPLA for public awareness

F. LSBME Updates – James Taylor, Jr., MD

G. Legislative and Advocacy Committee – Richard Bridges, MD

1. Next Committee Meeting – December 5, 2018
2. 2019 Legislative Session Plans
3. Medicaid formulary

H. Membership Committee – Alan LeBato, MD

1. LAFP Membership Totals
2. Outreach focus - District Reps/Membership Champs
3. Encouraging LAFP members (especially BOD) bring in a non-member

I. LAFP Foundation Update

1. Encourage involvement and advocacy for the Foundation and its purpose
2. Encourage monthly donations

J. Education Committee Report – Zach Pray, MD

1. Next Committee Meeting – TBD
2. 2019 Faculty Proposals
3. 72nd Annual Assembly – The Roosevelt – New Orleans, LA – August 1-4, 2019

K. Other Items

1. LAFP Board of Directors Nominations– Due March 1, 2019
2. Family Physician of the Year Nominations – Due March 1, 2019

L. Conflict of Interest Form

M. Updated Roster

V. Adjournment

The mission of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians is to promote and support Louisiana's family physicians in providing excellent health care, service and leadership.


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