Education Committee Meeting
March 14, 2019 – 6:00 PM
Phone 877-366-0711 and Passcode 54671963#


I. Call to Order – Zach Pray, MD - Chair

II. Roll Call

III. Review of Minutes: June 19, 2018

IV. Old Business
     A. 71st Annual Assembly Recap
          1. Evaluation Totals by speaker
          2. Evaluation Questions and Answers
V. New Business
     A. 72nd Annual Assembly – The Roosevelt Hotel - August 1-4 2019
          1. Agenda
          2. Suggested topics / Speakers
              a. Session Overview
              b. Other proposals received
          3. Opioid Education – LSBME Requirement for License Renewal
          4. Exhibitors/Sponsors
     B. 2019 LAFP Resident Student Conference (in Conjunction with Annual Assembly)
          1. Suggested topics/Speakers
          2. Workshops
          3. Poster Competition
     C. 73rd Annual Assembly & Exhibition - July 30 - August 2, 2020
          Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort – Destin, FL
     D. Future Conference Locations
     E. 2019 AAFP Resident Student National Conference - Update
          1. LAFP Booth
     F. Review of committee members
     G. Code of Ethics form

VI. Adjournment
The mission of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians is to promote and support Louisiana’s family physicians in providing excellent health care, service and leadership.

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