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I. Call to Order by the Speaker – Derek Anderson, MD

A. Invocation
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. In Memoriam Report
D. Member Anniversaries
E. Introduction of Board of Directors

II. Introduction of Guest Speakers – Derek Anderson, MD

A. Address from Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA – Vindell Washington, MD
B. Address from AAFP Board Chair – John Meigs, MD, FAAFP

III. Unfinished Business

IV. New Business

A. Follow Up Actions Taken from the 2017 General Assembly
B. Approval of Minutes of the 2017 General Assembly Meeting
C. Introduction of Resolutions and Late Resolutions

1. Resolution 1: Support Measures to Decrease Maternal Mortality in the United States

2. Resolution 2: Prior Authorization of Medications and Denials

(Note: All resolutions submitted to the Executive Vice President thirty or more days preceding this meeting pursuant to the Bylaws, are contained in the Handbook. Additional resolutions may be submitted at this session only after an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting. Resolutions received subsequent to the thirty-day period, will be distributed separately. Members wishing to present resolutions not included in the handbook shall state their desire to the Speaker one hour prior to the opening of the General Assembly.)

V. Introduction of Past Presidents

VI. Introduction of Committee Members

VII. Report of Executive Vice President – Ragan LeBlanc

VIII. Reports of Officers

A. Address of Speaker – Derek Anderson, MD
B. Address of the Vice Speaker – Lisa Casey, MD
C. Address of the President – Jonathan Hunter, MD
D. President-Elect – Christopher Foret, MD
E. Secretary – Mary Coleman, MD
F. Treasurer – Bryan Picou, MD
G. AAFP Delegates Report – Russell Roberts, MD; Marguerite Picou, MD

IX. Reports of Committees

A. Committee on Resident and Student Leadership
B. Committee on Education Report - Trenton James, MD
C. Committee on Legislation & Advocacy Report – Richard Bridges, MD
D. Committee on Membership Report - Alan LeBato, MD
E. Committee on Operations Report - Bryan Picou, MD

 1. LAFP Financials
    a. Review of 2017 Financials
    b. Review of Current 2018 Financials
    c. Current Account Holdings

E. Committee on Nominations Report – Alan LeBato, MD
F. Medical School and Match Data Report

1. Table 1 - Med Students in Family Medicine Cumulative Match Data
2. Table 2 - LA Residency Program Data
3. Table 3 - All Medical School Data - per specialty

X. Call for Nominations of LAFP Officers and Board of Directors

XI. Call for Nominations of LAFP Foundation Officers and Board of Directors

XII. District Director/Alternate Reports

A. District 1 – Brandon Page, MD; Ronnie Slipman, MD
B. District 2 – Luis Arencibia, MD; Rafael Cortes-Moran, MD
C. District 3A –Jack Heidenreich, MD; Camille Pitre, MD
D. District 3B – Indira Gautam, MD; Zeb Stearns, MD
E. District 4 – Ricky Jones, MD; Gregory Bell, MD
F. District 5 – James Michael Smith, MD; Euil "Marty" Luther, MD
G. District 6A – Phillip Ehlers, MD; Carol Smothers, MD
H. District 6B – Richard Bridges, MD; Keisha Harvey, MD
I. District 7 – Jason Fuqua, MD; Andrew Davies, MD
J. District 8 – Kenneth Brown, MD; Bryan Picou, Jr., MD
K. District Director at Large – Jody George, MD; Esther Holloway, MD

XIII. Family Medicine Department Reports

A. LSU – New Orleans, Mary Coleman, MD
B. LSU – Shreveport, Michael Harper, MD
C. Tulane – Edwin Dennard, MD

XIV. Family Medicine Residency Program Director Reports

A. Alexandria – Robert Moore, MD
B. Baton Rouge – Vincent Shaw, MD
C. Bogalusa – Emilio Russo, MD
D. East Jefferson – Lisa Casey, MD
E. Kenner - James Campbell, MD
F.  Lafayette – Marilyn Marshall, MD
G. Lake Charles - Alan LeBato, MD
H. Monroe - Euil Eugene Luther, MD
I. Shreveport/Vivian – Luke Baudoin, MD

XV. LAFP Foundation

A. President's Report – James Taylor, Jr., MD
B. 2018 Family Medicine Award Winners

XVI. LaFamPac Report – Marguerite "Cissy" Picou, MD – President

XVII. Election Results – LAFP Officers and Board of Directors

A. President-Elect
B. Vice-President
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Speaker of General Assembly
F. Vice-Speaker of General Assembly
G. AAFP Delegate
H. AAFP Alternate Delegate
I. District 2 Director/Alternate
J. District 3A Director/Alternate
K. District 3B Director/Alternate
L. District 6A Director/Alternate
M. District 8 Alternate
N. District Director/Alt. Distict Director at Large
O. Resident Director/Alternate
P. Student Director/Alternate

XVIII. Election Results – LAFP Foundation

A. President
B. President-Elect
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Lay Members – (5)
F. LAFP Members (4)

XIX. Additional New Business

XX. Announcements

XXI. Adjournment


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