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Custom & Event Sponsorships

Interested in sponsoring a particular event or product? For increased exposure and impact, take advantage of one of the opportunities for the LAFP Annual Assembly & Exhibition on the following page. Select from the list, or if you want to get creative, give us a call to discuss other opportunities. Please note: sponsorships are available on a first-come, first served basis. 

Sponsorship Deadline

All sponsors must submit their company logos to the LAFP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 2, 2018. If the artwork is not received by the above deadline, only the sponsor's company name will be placed on the appropriate conference item and signage. All sponsors must submit their company logos in vector artwork. 

Foundation Auction/President’s Party  |  $10,000 SOLD
When not in sessions, LAFP conference attendees like to have fun and no activity demonstrates this better than the Friday night Foundation Auction and President’s Party! The sponsor of this year’s party will certainly be remembered for bringing the music and good times to the attendees. Your company will have the chance to provide marketing materials as well as the chance to have your company’s logo strategically placed around the event! Sponsor will also get to welcome and address attendees at this event. This year’s event will feature a buffet style meal and entertainment. 

Welcome Reception  | $8,000 PENDING
Be the star of the conference! As is tradition, the conference will kick off the meeting with the Thursday night Welcome Reception. This kick-off event provides attendees and exhibitors an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with old friends, make new introductions, and have engaging conversations. The event provides hors d’oeuvres, beverages and entertainment for LAFP attendees and exhibitors while they mingle and discuss the latest innovations in the field. Sponsor will have the opportunity to provide marketing materials as well as the chance to have logos strategically placed around the event and with the decorations! Sponsor will also get to welcome and address attendees at this event.

Awards & Installation Luncheon  | $5,000
At the Awards and Installation Luncheon, attendees will recognize and honor the achievements of some of LAFP’s outstanding members through the announcement of the 2018 award winners. The event provides lunch to attendees and includes the  sponsor’s logo displayed during the luncheon. Your company will have the chance to provide marketing materials as well as have your company’s logo on each table and sponsorship signage! 

Board of Directors Dinner  | $5,000 SOLD
Take advantage of the opportunity to sponsor the pre-conference Board of Directors Dinner and make a 20-30 minute presentation to the leadership of the Academy. The event provides dinner to attendees. Your company will have the chance to provide marketing materials as well as have your company’s logo on each table and sponsorship signage!

Conference App  |  $3,500 each (2 sponsorships available) 1 PENDING
Attendees have the opportunity to download this free conference app to their smartphones that includes the conference schedule, maps, exhibitors and more. Well over half of LAFP attendees downloaded the app last year and used it an average of six times a day. As the sponsor of the app, you will have a graphic banner at the bottom of the screen as well as your logo on all promotional materials and posters. 

Foundation Golf Tournament  |  $3,500 PENDING
This annual event gives the chance for members and sponsors to enjoy friendly competition while raising money for the LAFP Foundation! This sponsor will have logos and marketing materials placed in the golf tournament participation bags as well as signage at the course and during the meeting.

Continental Breakfast  | $3,500 each (3 sponsorships available) 2 SOLD, 1 PENDING
Attendees get energized for each day’s sessions by starting it off right with a cup of coffee, protein, fruit and breakfast breads, and informative chats with the exhibitors! This event draws the attendees into the Exhibit Hall first thing in the morning and is enjoyed by all. 

Thursday Lunch  | $3,500 SOLD
Attendees enjoy a meal with fellow colleagues in the exhibit hall. In addition to visiting with exhibitors, attendees are drawn to a lunch where exciting door prizes are available. 

T-Shirt  | $3,500* PENDING
Promote your company or organization while providing a great reward for our conference attendees! Shirt will be co-branded with the LAFP logo and sponsor logo. 

Wi-Fi Sponsor  | $3,000 SOLD
Provide Wi-Fi to all conference attendees. A special code will be created that each attendee will need to access the internet…attendees will pick this code up from your exhibit booth! 

Hotel Door Drop  | $2,500 each (3 sponsorships available)
Have your message delivered right to attendee’s doors. This is a great way to invite attendees to your booth upon arrival.  Promotional pieces must not be larger than 8.5x11 in. and approved by the LAFP before printing. (Qty. 200) 

Attendee Refreshment Breaks  | $2,500 each (3 sponsorships available) SOLD
Providing sustenance for attendees is an essential part of making sure they are able to stay alert and get the most out of this professional development opportunity. Sponsors can choose from three break times – offered daily throughout the conference. The refreshment breaks, located in the Exhibit Hall, feature coffee, soda, snacks, etc. for attendees and are another dedicated time for them to chat with the exhibitors.

General Assembly Lunch  |  $2,500 SOLD
At the General Assembly Lunch, attendees hear from LAFP/AAFP leaders regarding the state of the Academy and the ongoing activities of the Governing Board and various committees. The event provides lunch to attendees and includes the opportunity for the sponsor to address members of the assembly with a 20 minute presentation. 
Hotel Key Cards  | $2,500 SOLD
Put your company logo on the room keys and directly into the attendees’ hands. Remind attendees about your company and product each time they enter their room. Your logo/product will be printed on each key card of attendees staying at the headquarter hotel. 

Conference Tote Bags  | $1,500* SOLD
With so much material to carry around, the conference tote bag has become an essential apparel item for each of the attendees. Your exposure as the sponsor continues long after the conference is over, as attendees continue to use their bags. 

Lanyards  | $1,000* SOLD
Put your company’s name in the hands of conference attendees as they register by providing badge lanyards to participants. This is a great marketing tool to encourage attendees to visit your booth! 

Namebadges  | $1,000 SOLD
This is an opportunity for constant recognition at the meeting with your company logo on namebadge pouches / holders used by attendees. Sponsor must provide logo to the LAFP for production.
Bag Insert  | $500
Place your promotional material or item right into all attendees’ hands for long-term residual exposure. Sponsor must produce the insert and provide to the LAFP. Limitations on size apply and items must be submitted to LAFP for approval. (Qty. 200) 

Product Theatre – Call for details! SOLD
Take advantage of the opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience. LAFP will provide meeting space for you to hold a Breakfast Symposium and will help with marketing your event to meeting attendees.  A one hour presentation is included.

*Sponsorships include product mentioned. Contact the LAFP office for discount information and quantities needed should you wish to order the product yourself. All items must be approved by the LAFP office before purchasing.  
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