Basic principles for writing a resume

To write a babysitter resume, you must first of all follow the basic principles of resume writing, namely:

  • Adhere to a generally accepted resume structure;
  • give contact information;
  • Personal information (city of residence, marital status);
  • describe skills;
  • Describe in detail your work experience, either in babysitting or in dealing with people;
  • Show strengths and accomplishments (e.g., parenting skills, cooking skills, etc.);
  • Note personal qualities important to a nanny (responsibility, love of children, balanced character, etc.);
  • give information on education and additional education, advanced training;
  • indicate contacts of recommenders.

More about personal information - what should I write?

Job seekers are not required to specify marital status, to indicate the number of children. But if you are applying for the role of nanny, you have a child/children, it is worth mentioning this in the resume, as it is your advantage. This recommendation is especially true for applicants with no work experience - then raising your own children is your experience.

More about resume structure

The resume structure is standard; resumes contain the following blocks:

  • Title (this is not the word ""resume"", it is the name of the profession/specialty, i.e. ""nanny"", ""nanny-guest"", etc.);
  • personal information (full name, date of birth, city of residence, marital status);
  • Contact information (phone, e-mail);
  • Purpose of the search (here you can specify in which specialty you are looking for a job, what kind of employment and working hours you are interested in, are you ready to move to another city);
  • Desired salary level;
  • skills;
  • work experience (in reverse chronological order, starting with your last job);
  • education;
  • additional education, advanced training;
  • personal qualities;
  • Additional information (you can include in this part of your resume any information that you think would convince the employer of your competence and professionalism. For example, you can share information about wins in competitions, certificates and diplomas; you can give links to your website or blog, where there are reviews of your clients).

References. Recommendations are very important for a nanny, so one or two references can be included in your resume right away, so the employer can contact the references at the resume selection stage and make sure the applicant is competent.


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