Dating for singles over 50: Services you can use

Dating over 50 is real - and Internet can help you a lot!

Some people over 50 avoid new technologies and Internet because they aren’t used to it: these people didn’t use them in their 20s and 30s, and they feel pretty nostalgic about these times, so they don’t want to change anything - whether Internet could actually improve their lives or not. Other singles over 50 integrate smartphones, computers, and online services into their lives and understand all the advantages they provide - so they enjoy the best dating sites for singles over 50 as well. A good service is a perfect shortcut to romantic relationships and general happiness: it saves nerves and effort, and allows you to get acquainted with many incredible people who complement your personality and who you’d never come across in real life. If you feel that you are into something new, romantic and exciting coming to your life, then read this article - we’ll help you find some services that are worth trying!

A single over 50 dating someone new tends to have different priorities and views on dating and relationships than they used to. Passion is still an important thing - but it’s not as crucial as mental compatibility, because most people want to find someone for serious and real relationships and marriage at that age. Just casual dating can be pleasant and enjoyable for both partners, but most singles have huge dating experience and want something different - so they’re looking for commitment, reliability, and real feelings. That’s the reason why dating for singles over 50 usually happens at serious dating sites instead of services made for hookups: though casual dating platforms tend to have more active users, they just won’t magically help you find a potential spouse or a long-term partner in most cases.

It’s not easy to pick just one singles over 50 dating site that is definitely better than the others: most services have special features that attract different types of audiences, so it’s pretty normal for many people to have multiple accounts on different services. We’ll show you the best options you can consider using - and it’s up to you to pick those that seem the most convenient and effective to you. It’s worth remembering that you don’t have to use only specially labelled “mature dating sites” - if age doesn’t play the leading role in starting new relationships for you, then many popular and effective sites will work just fine. Therefore, there’s our lost of the best platforms that deserve your attention:


This site is based on the idea that math combined with psychology can help you find true love. If you’re a person who wants to have a soulmate as a partner, who wants to achieve perfect mutual understanding, then it’s reasonable to look for a perfect person there. The service’s match-making uses math analysis to create potentially perfect couples, and it collects information about users with the help of huge quizzes all new users should complete to create an account. The quiz asks about your personality, interests, character, preferences, and goals, and then the system shows you similar people that can be good for you. If this approach seems effective to you, and you’re not afraid of answering lots of pedantic questions about who you are and what you want in life, then create an account there and see where it can get you.

Silver Singles

This site is definitely dedicated to older people: users under 50 aren’t even allowed to create accounts there. The service positions itself as a very serious platform that helps users find future spouses and long-term partners, so you won’t face any inappropriate attention or casual hookups there. A single over 50 dating for marriage can find the service handy, but it’s not free: a paid subscription repels trolls and people with no serious intentions, and keeps users who actually want to experience high-quality online dating in the first place. It’s convenient and easy to use this site: it’s made for mature people, so it’s assumed they may have little experience online, and everyone can find love there pretty quickly. If you’re ready to pay for good quality, then this site can be a great tool for you. is a reliable and time-tested site that claims to have over one million users: of course, not all of them are currently active (because that’s the whole point of a dating site - to find love and leave), but it’s still a very impressive number. As the name of the site says, this service isn’t made for young people, so over 50 singles dating is the main priority there. Lots of attractive mature singles looking for love there don’t have to compete with younger users for someone’s attention, and you can look through lots of profiles to find like-minded people with similar goals. You can also use special filters to see only those people who definitely suit your preferences - and it can clearly help you find love much faster.

Senior Friend Finder

This site isn’t made just for singles looking for love - you can also find friends and soulmates there just for communication. Some seniors just need new friends with similar experiences, views, and interests, and it’s a perfect place to start looking for them - it’s a convenient and simple service with a pleasant atmosphere and user-friendly interface. Of course, you can meet love there as well: most users’ profiles contain some information about what and who they hope to meet on the site, so it’s normal to start a casual conversation with a stranger and end up dating there. Of course, not everyone using this site lives near you: it’s one of the main problems of online dating, because you can meet many amazing strangers who are way too far away. But if you’re a keen traveler, or dream of moving somewhere else, then it won’t become a huge issue for you.

This site is made for everyone: it’s an extremely popular dating site in the US, and people of all ages come there to find something real and romantic there. It doesn’t mean that it’s harder for older people to use it, though: special filters and searching algorithms help mature singles a lot, so they’ll get lots of attention from users of the similar age there. This site has already helped thousands of couples to create families and find their happiness, so you shouldn’t neglect it too: its friendly atmosphere and convenient features can make online dating easier for you.

This service also has a huge reputation and is time-tested: couples all over the world enjoy online dating there wherever they are from, and its convenient features make online dating actually enjoyable. You can find a perfect partner for you with the help of a searching algorithm that users filters, such as age, location, sex, interests, goals, and lots of other things - so you’ll use it pretty conveniently. Chat with users who like you back, share photos, flirt, and use video calls to install better understanding - all these things can help you to start the best love story of your life!


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