Death spell – Unhealthy lifestyle as a subconscious desire to commit suicide

Even though this article is titled “Unhealthy lifestyle as a subconscious desire to commit suicide”, we are not implying you want to kill yourself. We just want you to think about the rhythm of your life and how your bad habits are slowly destroying your body, mind, and ultimately your life. Sometimes when you look at people you cannot help thinking about a beehive. A bee could live for years but it burns itself out within just a week.

We think the best way to reach our goals is to work restlessly. We were taught at school that those who do not work hard achieve nothing in life, while those who work more than others get everything. However, life shows these statements are not completely true. First of all, the amount of effort put does not always equal the results obtained. Secondly, there are simpler and more effective ways to get what you want without overworking which is clearly explained at SPELLSHELP.COM.

You can read about it if you visit that website, while we would like to tell you about bad habits impacting your life just like a death spell. Please do not be mad at the mirror for showing you not what you want to see. Instead, take a step back and try to change something and then come back to the mirror and look at yourself again. Hopefully, this time you will like what you see.

WORKAHOLISM. It is a very common phenomenon in the twenty first century. Workaholics are people trying to build a successful career without understanding than out-of-the-box thinking and an ability to find easier solutions are more important than working at the office for 12 hours a day. Workaholism makes you forget about your dreams – the only thing that can make you happy. It keeps you from watching your kids grow up. It steals years of your life which fly by in the blink of an eye. Yes, you will most likely end up in an executive position having a lot of money, but is it worth those twenty or thirty years of your life that you spent building that career?

LACK OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. We are always in a hurry nowadays. Hence another problem – lack of physical activity. Instead of walking, we take a taxi. Instead of getting up and stretching a little, we check our email or social media accounts for a hundredth time. Even while on the subway, we prefer sitting to standing. That one hour that we work out at the gym in the evening is not enough to make up for the lack of physical activity during the day. It causes damage to our body accelerating adding just like death spells black magic.

Moreover, we stop enjoying life. It consists not of some grand achievements but of little things. You can understand it only if you stop.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Our body needs 8-9 hours of sleep to fully rest. To regenerate and renew all neural connections, the body needs 10 or more hours of sleep. By sleeping less than we need, we develop physical and mental overexertion which eventually causes accelerated aging.

We go to great lengths to look young. Thanks to dieticians, plastic surgeons and apparel sales consultants, many of us succeed in it. However, we end up being like a wormy nut that looks great on the outside but is full of mold and rot on the inside.

DREAMS AND GOALS THAT ARE NOT YOURS. Believe me, most of the dreams you have are actually not yours. Dreams are very important as having the wrong ones is like a death curse. Those who had dreams like that come true know what we are talking about. They spent years of their life pursing some dreams only to realize it was not what they wanted. Upon reaching the top, they understood several things:

- The victory did not make them happy;
- Their true goals are different;
- They worked so hard reaching the false goals that they are too tired now to pursue their true goals.

As a rule, people die shortly after retiring or after reaching the last of their goals, which means their goals and careers were not right. When people like what they do, they live as long as they do it and with the right career choice they live a very long life. Upon reaching their goal, they do not feel empty. On the contrary, it gives them more energy to move forward.

While telling you about bad habits impacting your life like black magic death spells for death, we did not mention smoking, alcoholism, overeating, extreme sports, etc., even though they are bad for you, too. We just wanted to talk to the people who do not smoke and drink, who eat heathy, stay active (well, at least that is what they think), which is why they consider themselves to be successful people.

We wanted to ask them: Is your success worth turning your possibly very long and exciting life into what seems like a few months flying by? Is the money you make and your high position worth having your body and mind ruined? It is for you to answer these questions…


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