Digital portfolio: what it is and why you need it

What is a digital portfolio?

"Digital portfolio of the student" - a service that provides students the opportunity to manage the educational trajectory, academic and personal achievements, providing an opportunity to form a package of documents for their submission to the training programs of secondary vocational or higher education.

The passport of the strategy "Digital Transformation of Education" provides the following definition

In other words, it is a compendium of all a student's accomplishments. These include, for example:

  • victories in Olympiads and sports competitions;
  • volunteering;
  • Participation in competitions and conferences.

All these achievements will be stored online in a special digital service. All the students' personal data will be protected. Connecting to this service will be optional. The child's parents have to give their consent to this - no one is going to force anyone.

Experts agree that the implementation of the best digital portfolio in one form or another should be widely discussed with professionals and parents and carefully considered. After all, with a certain approach the digital footprint may turn the graduate into a prisoner not only of his achievements, but also of his failures for the rest of his life. The personal data of millions of children may also be at risk.

The digital portfolio will simplify the process of admission to universities

Digital portfolios will help applicants choose an educational path. The project of creation of such digital portfolios is in the stage of development and is actively discussed by specialists.

The so-called piggy bank of schoolchildren's achievements in digital form, created by analogy with digital profiles in other areas, can facilitate and automate many processes in education. This form of presentation of achievements has existed for a long time and is demanded by the parent community, but the data are fragmented and do not allow a complete picture of the child's achievements.

At present the creation of a similar service with corresponding data protection and a wide range of convenient functions is being discussed at the federal level. All of the data in the portfolio should be verified, will be placed solely with the consent of the child and the family, and will only be accessible to a certain number of organizations (e.g., colleges). All of the data uploaded to the database should be depersonalized, so the main emphasis is placed on the protection of the personal data.

How online education helps companies find the ideal employees

Hiring a motivated, trained employee with experience is a dream for any company's HR department. Online education provides new opportunities for this: in job advertisements it is now possible to specify the online courses that the successful candidate must take.

But in the global market the segment of corporate training will grow most actively. Companies will be looking for convenient training formats for employees, and employees themselves will be looking for opportunities for career development.

Instead of traditional offline programs companies choose "microlearning" with short interactive content, training actively uses the principle of cross-platform - cell phones, tablets, as well as a wide range of applications and technical innovations - virtual reality, chat-bots and other technologies, the study says.

The certificate as confirmation of the completed course is an extremely important parameter for the employer. It means that the person is ready to learn, ready to make an effort. We know that the share of those who completed distance learning courses, unless they are part of the compulsory program of universities, is extremely low. If a candidate for a position at a bank has completed an e-learning course in addition to the university program, for many employers this fact will be an important indicator of the ability to self-develop and successfully complete the projects started.


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