How a student can take care of his health

Most young people undermine their health precisely during their studies. The lack of a clear daily routine, irregular meals, sleepless nights, the stress of exams - all this, alas, can lead to serious problems in the body.

As you know, health should be protected at an early age. How not to lose it as a student?


The basis of health is a normal daily routine. Of course, it is difficult for students to get up and go to bed at the same time every day, but you should at least strive for it: sleepless nights can kill even the most enduring body.

If you can't get a good night's sleep, you should lie down during the day or early in the evening. The main thing is to make up for the lack of sleep. Lack of sleep ruins health and reduces performance, which will have a negative impact on academic performance.


Food is an important part of health. The student's diet should be as healthy, nutritious, and regular as possible. Snacks, dinners "on occasion", the lack of liquid foods - destructive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It's not long before you get gastritis or a stomach ulcer.

Try to establish a food schedule. Do not neglect breakfast, which will give you strength and energy for the first half of the day. Give preference to whole-grain oatmeal, yogurt, and cheese. It is better to exclude sausages and sweets, as they are quickly digested, so you will soon want to eat again.

Carry something with you for snacks. Chocolate, candy bars and candy is better to exclude, but nuts, dried fruits, seeds, fruits - just right. These ingredients will help you to cope with hunger, give you energy, strength and help you to live up to a full lunch or dinner.

Always carry a bottle of still mineral water to stay hydrated. All kinds of energy drinks should be avoided, as their effect is short-lived. The consequences of their use may be unpredictable.

Find time and opportunity for a proper lunch. It is desirable that it was a bowl of warm soup, and not a pizza or just the second meal. Liquid food is more satiating and nutritious, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive processes and the energy balance of the body.

Sports, recreation and entertainment

Do not interfere and sports activities. It is enough to do 1-2 hours a week to maintain the overall tone of health and muscles. Any physical exercise normalizes the metabolism, improves the immune system and increases endurance. If you have previously had musculoskeletal problems and are worried that you shouldn't exercise, it's worth finding out where you can get a spine x-ray to be able to get a proper diagnosis.

In your free time, healthy recreation is encouraged. Of course, it should not be sitting near a computer, drinking alcoholic beverages or hanging out in nightclubs. The best way to relieve fatigue is to get out into the fresh air in the park or in the countryside.

It's not that hard for a student to stay healthy if you establish and adhere to these Wellness Tips for Freshers.

For many, the student years are the happiest, because it is a combination of youth, novelty and impressions. It is at this period comes the first "adult" difficulties of life, the first love, the first disappointment...

Some years life boils, exams and tests are replaced by collective visits to cinemas and discos, and lectures - by walks under the moon. The only thing students lack time for is to think about their health. They think that pills and sores are the lot of old people, so many get their diploma together with a bouquet... No, not of flowers, but of diseases.

Take care of your health at an early age.

We used to hear that we ourselves build our future. And here we are talking not only about career, education, but also about health. At the beginning of life, our mental and physical health depends largely on our parents. It is they who "lay the foundation. And then everything depends on us. I wonder what it will be like to live on the "upper floors" if the "middle" are built of poor quality material? I don't think such a "building" will last long.

How annoying to hear from parents that smoking is bad for you, and that it is better to take your lunch from home. And then the daily reminder to take care of the head and lower back from the cold.

And the student imagines such a picture: all fashionable and cool (they also smoke), and he stands on the sidelines alone in a warm shapeless jacket, and even with a bag in his hand. And you want to be the soul of the company and to impress fellow students.

And at forty, those who were so cool and trendy in his student days, himself will be standing on the sidelines with kidney, lung, stomach and heart disease. To be strong, athletic and fit at fifty or sixty is what is really in fashion and prestige today! And it all starts with being a student.


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