How to find a person on Facebook

Facebook is the world's largest social network in which users are constantly registering. Looking for friends, loved ones, with whom you want to keep in touch, you can do it in different ways. Before you can find a person through Facebook, you will need to do some "preliminary work". Specific actions depend on the degree of openness of the information of the people you want.

Search by first name, last name and photo

The obvious way is to enter a person's information in the Facebook search box. That way you can quickly find people by name with unique or rare first names. The same goes for the ID - knowing it, you can simply use the search box at the top of the page. After you fill it in, the system will generate a list of users, placing suitable contacts in the beginning. If a person's last name and first name are common, the list will be voluminous and the data will be duplicated. Photo, which is attached to the line of the list, will help to find the right person in it. Another way, based on the name you know, is to search the profile link. The data on Facebook is used as:

  • "firstname.lastname" - with a period;
  • "first name and last name" - one word;
  • "popular name and number" - you will need to insert numbers after the name.

How to find a person using a phone number or email address

Users often don't provide real names or choose non-obvious spelling. If that's the case, the phone number associated with the account can help. If it's not hidden by privacy settings, you can find the person on Facebook by entering a number you know in the search field. Another option is to search through email contacts. You'll need to:

  • in the "Find friends" field (top right corner of the Facebook page) enter your e-mail credentials;
  • select your address from the list of scanned Facebook;
  • if you can't find the person, you need to click on the mail icon and enter the data manually - in most cases, this will be enough.

Using the system's tooltips and searching without registering

Facebook offers tooltips that help you find a person related to you. Among them:

  • A list with friend requests - at the top of the bar;
  • a friend finder tool - the menu (top) has a link to the page, and a sidebar with several fields helps narrow down the research area;
  • section of users you may know - spending a little time you can find the right person by similarity of interests or social circle.
  • The interface of the system doesn't "give out" the right people automatically, and if you know not the primary information - country, age, city of residence or study - you'll have to search for users manually.
  • If you are not registered in the network, you have to use another option - a third-party resource (Bing, Google). By typing known information into the search bar you will get links to pages and can view them without logging in to your account.

Manual data entry - search by city, age, and other information

If you're willing to take the time to do a manual search, there are the following options:

  • viewing friend lists from your own friends - you need to open the person's profile and check their social circle;
  • Entering interests through the "People who like..." like-minded search;
  • switching filters and settings in the search box.

The search fields are helpful if you only know the city, country of the person you want or if you have mutual acquaintances. Filling in the lines in the form, you will get a lot of results, but in any case, it will be easier to search. BroBot, a safe, free bot with handy functionality, will make your social networking experience even easier.


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