Real Estate of Spain: A new price increase?

Barcelona is one of the most wonderful cities in Europe. The Mediterranean Sea, a soft climate, mountains and of course the most beautiful architectural creations of the famous Antonio Gaudi.
The inhabitants of Barcelona, ​​however, are, like all the inhabitants of Catholonia, very open and friendly people. Comfortable resorts and numerous tourists are also part of a fabulous, beautiful country - Spain. Today, this country is one of European states with a well -developed and well -formed real estate market. All bureaucratic procedures related to the construction or purchase, ownership and rental of real estate are clearly structured. Moreover, unlike Russia, all this is based on a good legislative framework. And for many, many years, the Spanish Constitution has been guarding property rights, including real estate in Spain. Therefore, choosing real estate abroad, many Russian buyers prefer this particular country whose geographical and aesthetic features are very popular all over the world. The latest world trends in the real estate market show that the increase in real estate prices in almost all countries continues. The Spanish real estate market is no exception. An increase in the number of transactions for the purchase - the sale of real estate increased by 10, 6%. Also, due to the low rate on loans, the volume of mortgage lending has significantly increased.
The average mortgage loan today is 130, 3 thousand euros, and the average interest rate is 4, 2%. In my opinion, for foreign investors, and especially for us, for Russians, the investment in Spanish real estate is the best way to "not let money down the wind." , since real estate prices have significantly decreased from the beginning of the global financial crisis. This fall was 30%. And today, the prices, although slowly, still continue to go up. And if you are interested in Spanish real estate, then you undoubtedly know the fact that
The market has revived, and also clearly traced trends in sales of interesting projects and offers. So can we say that the crisis is coming to an end and now we are observing a new increase in real estate prices? I think not. And as many experts note in this area, the crisis of "illiquid" real estate will still last. And this period will proceed for another 5 years. If you are bored at the computer, the Cat no deposit bonus will help brighten up your leisure time. Just enter the right promo code when registering!

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