Use of vinegar for health and home

Although at present, the balsamic vinegar largely replaced the apple vinegar used by us, it would be nice to return to him a worthy place in the kitchen. And not only in culinary purposes.

Apple vinegar, besides the fact that it is used to seasonate dishes, soups, salads, etc., has much wider use, in addition to its culinary purpose. For something else you can use it, and you will quickly find that it has many advantages over the balsamic vinegar.

1. Apple vinegar for human health. Is it useful?

Apple vinegar is a great tool for improving the functions of the digestive system, to regulate blood sugar levels, acts against gases and, not less important, is an excellent means of dealing with excess pounds. You only need every morning drinking a glass of warm water, into which you added 1 tbsp. Apple vinegar.

With the help of apple vinegar you can get rid of the skin, for example, after the insect bite. Drip a few drops on your cotton swab and wrapped the affected area.

For a long time with throat pain, it is recommended to rinse the throat every hour with a mixture of 50 ml of apple vinegar and 200 ml of warm water. It effectively acts against a number of microbes and bacteria.

If we dissolve 1 h. Vinegar in 100 ml of water, you have already found an effective natural remedy for sinusitis, as well as from nasal congestion.

2. Apple vinegar for home cleaning. We remove the house with the help of vinegar.

Apple vinegar is a multifunctional tool, with which you can clean any surface (kitchen countertops and cabinets, internal parts of refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, etc.), as well as other stains on your clothes. It is particularly suitable for use with colored fabrics, because, on the one hand, removes stains from them, and on the other - it stabilizes their color. It also has a softening effect on the fabric.

3. Apple vinegar for deodorization.

Apple vinegar has the ability to remove unpleasant odors. You can put a bowl with apple vinegar in the oven to remove the smell of burns, or clean it with a cotton swab, moistened in an apple vinegar, or with a refrigerator or other instrument that you have not used for a long time. The characteristic caustic smell of vinegar will quickly disappear, and only the smell of freshness and purity will remain. We hope this article has helped you on the benefits of vinegar for human health. Check this broker list before you start trading.

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