Why do you need a gun case?

Weapon case or holster bag is designed for transportation and operational use of handguns together with spare magazines. As a rule, it is a symbiosis of belt models with single-buckle backpacks. It has a compartment with fasteners for convenient placement of the weapon, and a system of quick access to the gun greatly simplifies its retrieval and use. At the same time, the external design of such a bag does not differ from similar civilian models, which are used by most of the male population of the country.

Shoulder bags for carrying weapons

Everything is thought out in weapon case, so these models are incredibly convenient and practical. The shape and size of many products do not draw attention to themselves, so from the outside look like traditional travel accessories. This provides a really concealed carry weapon. Other features of tactical bags can be distinguished:

  • the presence of wide straps, straps, which achieves an even distribution of the load on the body;
  • good capacity inside, which is characteristic even for compact models;
  • numerous pockets inside and outside, so you can distribute personal items, communications equipment and more.

Bags for weapons also have a stylish design. Most often it is a style of "military", which looks appropriate in combination with everyday closet, as well as with tactical equipment.

Tactical Belt Case

To get rid of unnecessary load on the shoulders, you can choose gun belt bags. The models presented in the catalog are also suitable for concealed carry. Belt-type products can be worn alone or together with tactical backpacks as additional accessories. Their shape and design allow for safe storage of weapons as well as necessary accessories.

Tactical backpacks for carrying weapons

Tactical weapon carrying backpacks are the most spacious in terms of volume. All presented models of backpacks are reliable, high quality tailoring, so it is guaranteed to last for many years.

Who can use a bag to carry weapons?

You might think that such an accessory is not needed, especially if there is no gun and its presence is not expected. However, a gun holster bag is quite suitable for everyday use, and its design will be more comfortable, compared to many urban models.

  • Any other perfectly legal means of self-defense can be conveniently carried in it. Fast access to a pepper spray or stun gun holster bag for carrying weapons provides no worse access than to the gun. And with practice you can achieve the same result in 0.8 seconds.
  • The bag will not open accidentally, and will also make it difficult for a thief to penetrate inside, to gadgets, wallet, documents.
  • The external design is no different from the city, most models are quite appropriate when worn with an everyday closet.

And by choosing a modular design with tactical functionality, you can get quite a versatile version of the bag, which is suitable for active recreation, and for travel, and as an accessory for every day.


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