Emily Holt 300 01The LAFP Member of the Month is a forum to recognize and highlight our members. We hope you enjoy learning about fellow members both on a personal and professional level.  LAFP is proud to recognize Emily Holt, DO, MPH as our April Member of the Month.

Emily E.B. Holt, DO, MPH earned her medical degree from Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine and her MPH from Tulane University. She is board certified in Family Medicine and completed her residency at Columbia - New York Presbyterian in New York City, NY. She is originally from Washington, DC. She currently practices at Tulane's uptown Campus Health Center.  Dr. Holt serves on the LAFP Legislative and Advocacy Committee.

Get to Know Dr. Holt

It is important to me to be a member of AAFP and LAFP because:
Medicine is a fast-changing profession and AAFP and LAFP keep me connected to updates in guidelines, the greater community of Family Physicians, and importantly, policies and laws affecting physicians. Membership also provides me an opportunity to lend my voice to issues that are important to me and my patients in hopes of making a difference.
Why did you choose Family Medicine, what’s your favorite aspect of it, and were you inspired by anyone?
I chose Family Medicine and I enjoy it so much because its broad spectrum is challenging and enables me to approach patient care in a holistic way. Patients appreciate the familiarity and trust that forms with this kind of relationship, and that is fulfilling. My Family Medicine clerkship preceptors in medical school were great role models in how I want to practice.
What advice would you offer to medical students selecting their specialty?
Think about whether you are the type of person who wants to know something about everything or everything about something. If you want to be known as an expert in a field, you might want to specialize. If you find that you like all your rotations including procedures and possibly surgeries, then you can do it all (mostly) by choosing Family Medicine.
How can we attract more medical students to Family Medicine?
First impressions are so important. Helping our medical students to feel welcome to our organizations, exposing them to community Family Doctors who offer support and mentorship, and strong clerkships leaves a lasting impression.
What is the most interesting or memorable experience you have had when dealing with a patient?
While it’s always fun to “catch a zebra” and make an elusive diagnosis, for me the most memorable interactions come from doing the hard work of building trust with patients and helping them make little changes over the long term that positively impacts their life. Hearing a patient say, “You really listened,” or “You changed my life” makes my work most satisfying.
I know you are interested in policy. Tell us more about what interests you and why:
Policy is a great way to impact the health of a whole population. Whether that’s empowering Family Doctors to do what they do best, or influencing health policy that will directly affect patients, policy is a powerful tool for change. It’s fun to work with people of differing opinions and backgrounds and find common ground to affect the common good.
If you weren’t a physician what would you be doing with your career right now?
I can’t imagine a better job than being a Family Doctor but if I had to find a plan B it would probably be working on policy in the field of public health.
How do you spend your free time?
Taking advantage of the diverse and fun cultural activities around New Orleans and greater Louisiana with my husband, Scott, and my three boys, Michael, Everett and Russell. We’re headed to Chicot State Park soon for Le Grand Hoorah and we’re so excited to celebrate the good food and music of the Cajun and Creole culture.
What goals have you set for your future?
I would like to get more involved in volunteering my skills to my community. I speak basic Spanish and would like to volunteer at an underserved medical clinic. I would also like get more involved in policy and advocacy in Louisiana, and continue lending support to academic medicine. On a personal level, I’d like to learn how to salsa dance and improve my Spanish language skills.
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