combetta webCongratulations to our Member of the Month for January, Jeffrey Combetta, MD! Dr. Combetta is a small-town family physician doing big things in Winnsboro to promote healthy lifestyles for his patients. He attended American University School of Medicine and completed his family medicine residency at Memorial/LSUHSC Family Medicine Residency Program in Lake Charles where he served as chief resident. Dr. Combetta also serves as Assistant Professor of Rural Medicine for Tulane School of Medicine in New Orleans.

He began his practice with Winnsboro Rural Health Clinic right out of residency in 2009. He was honored with the Louisiana Rural Health Association (LRHA) Practitioner of the Year in 2010. Dr. Combetta states that his motto for his practice is, “I try to do the best for the patient sitting in front of me.” He continues by saying, “I want my patients to know that I am truly listening to them.”

Dr. Combetta’s style of family medicine focuses on a healthy diet and educating patients on how to stay healthy. “I try to get the patient involved in their own health. Taking care of a patient is always easier if the patient understands the disease process and how to control it.” He leads by example. He maintains a healthy weight and follows a plant-based diet. He says, “It is hard to convince a patient to follow a healthy lifestyle or diet if I myself appear unhealthy.”

When asked, “What has the real world taught you about being a doctor?”, he says “I would have to say that no matter how much I want to help people not all people necessarily want help. This has been very hard for me to understand since we are trained from the start of our careers to help and to serve.” He goes on to say that the real world has also taught him that to serve people takes dignity and intelligence. 

“Many times, I am asked what has been the best experience in my career? I do not have one particular experience to sum up what one would consider the one best experience. What I do have is a folder in my cabinet with dozens and dozens of thank you cards and notes from patients whom I have touched in some small way. I also have a box full of little gifts given to me by thankful patients I have treated over the years. To sum it all up to one experience is impossible. It is an ongoing life experience, and I am eternally thankful and thoroughly enjoying the ride.” His future goals include to continue educating people on plant-based diet benefits. He would also like to advocate for public and patient support for healthcare workers who dedicate their lives to helping others.

Dr. Combetta is married to Rachel Parker Combetta R.N. Rachel in committed to the health promotion as well. She is a registered nurse, Anytime Fitness business owner, and fitness trainer. They have 2 daughters, Hailey and Katelyn.

We hope you enjoy learning about fellow members both on a personal and professional level.

LAFP’s Member of the Month program highlights Louisiana family physicians in the Weekly Family Medicine Update and on the LAFP website. We feature a biography and a Q&A with a different LAFP member each month and his or her unique approach to family medicine. If you know an outstanding family physician colleague who you think should be featured as a Member of the Month or if you’d like to tell your own story, nominate yourself or your colleague by contacting Lee Ann Albert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 225.301.1947.


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