Welcome Converted 01The LAFP would like to welcome the December new members to the Academy! If you see a name you recognize, please reach out to them and let them know you are happy they are a part of the LAFP!

New Active Members:

Holley Nanette Kelley, DO
Tenille Neema Ottley-Sharpe, MD
Kondilo Delilah Skirlis-Zavala, MD
Eliza A. Tate, MD

New Resident Members:

Daniel Mark Seeser, MD

New Student Members:

Hiwot Abate
Allison Jumonville
Jenna Kimble
Alexa Lawson
Nazary Nebeluk
Aaron Felix Paille
Phillip Quach
Joel Ivor Arranguez Rago
Also, remember, new members, to take advantage of all of the LAFP and AAFP resources available to you which includes free publications, free CME opportunities, each month we will highlight new updated opportunities in the Weekly Family Medicine Update!





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