Smita Photo web"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." – Rumi is a guiding principle that Dr. Prasad puts into practice each day. Dr. Prasad is an Assistant Professor of Addiction Medicine with the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Tulane University SOM. She stayed on as faculty after completing the Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program at Tulane University. She has an MPH in Health Services Management from the University of Kentucky and an MBA in Healthcare Management from Davenport University. She completed her medical school training at the University of Medicine & Health Sciences, St. Kitts and her Family Medicine training at the Baton Rouge General Family Medicine Program in 2016.

Dr. Prasad states, “I have overcome a lot of adversity in my life to get to where I am today. I now live a happy, fulfilling life. I did not get here by myself though but with the help of many others. I think for this reason I really try to be accessible to my patients so that they never feel alone & feel respected as well as supported.” She is passionate about expanding addiction services to Louisiana and helping fight this deadly disease. She serves as the vice president of the Louisiana Society of Addiction Medicine as well as the medical director of a residential treatment center and intensive outpatient program on the North Shore.

When asked why she chose family medicine, she states, “It's very welcoming & inclusive compared to other specialties. I love it for the continuity of care and broad scope of practice. We treat diverse populations of all ages, so the learning never stops! I also believe strongly in the tenets of prevention & education. Family medicine allows me to develop trusting patient-doctor partnerships/relationships through which I can assist patients in making the best-informed decision for them. “

She integrates the skills and knowledge she has acquired as a Family Medicine physician into her practice, which is beneficial in providing whole-person care and treating comorbid conditions. Her Family Medicine background has also made her more comfortable with treating underserved populations such as pregnant women struggling with substance use disorders. She continues, “I've been blessed to have many wonderful family medicine mentors over the years that all seemed happy in their chosen field of medicine as well as able to maintain a "healthy" work/life balance.”

Dr. Prasad describes the most interesting or memorable experience she has had when dealing with a patient “as a tough question to answer. I have so many interesting or memorable experiences so far on my journey. I have particularly enjoyed going on medical missions with the BRG FMRP & remember a gentleman in his 90's in Nicaragua tried to give us a live chicken as a token of his gratitude for giving him a pair of reading glasses & restoring his sight. I choose to remember the positive experiences & learn from the negative ones.”

The love and support of family and friends are definitely what keeps Dr. Prasad motivated. She is married to Corey, who is the Assistant Chief Clinic Officer at an LTAC in Zachary. They welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl, Meghana, at the end of July last year. They are also proud parents to two Boxers, Phoenix & Ella, a Boxer-mix, Rani, and two mini-Dachshunds, Schatzy & Archie. She ends by saying, “If I weren’t a physician, I would probably be an interior designer or run a doggie daycare, neither of which are completely off the table in the future!”

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