Cara Permenter webCara Permenter, MD is a family physician in Shreveport. She is dedicated to the wellness of the family unit, women’s health and managing chronic illnesses.

Coming from a traditional southern family, she watched grandparents and other family members struggle to get the healthcare they needed to improve quality of life and prevent debilitating disease. Being the fixer that she is, she decided to better help people, she needed to educate people on the tools they need to better take care of themselves with the hopes they do not face the suffering she knows that comes from chronic, ill-managed conditions. "We do not need Magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need in ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better." -JK Rowling

Dr. Permenter completed her bachelors in Biochemistry at Centenary College of LA in Shreveport and then attended LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine. She continued her internship and residency at the LSU Family Medicine Residency Program in Shreveport. She now practices Family Medicine as a Primary Care Provider for Christus Trinity Clinic in Shreveport LA in a community clinic.

Dr. Permenter states, “I am constantly pursuing a challenge, and navigating the medical field to get patients the care they need is a huge challenge. I felt that I would better serve my patients as their advocate and coordinator for medical care. What better way to do that than be a Family Medicine Primary Care provider? My favorite aspect of medicine is hearing my patients tell me how they found what they needed inside themselves to better their health simply by me taking the time to sit down and teach them about their health. I see myself more as a health and lifestyle coach with medical training so that I can reach all patients who enter my doors. I like also that my practice can be and is what I want it to be to better serve my community.”

When asked what is one aspect of family medicine important to you, Dr. Permenter answers, “Delivering quality medical care to both my patients and their families is the foundation on which my inspiration to practice medicine is built.” She continues, “Much of patient health and compliance with medical treatment is the patient's personal support group, family dynamics, socioeconomic status, gender, race and religious background. Finding a way to provide quality care to diverse patient populations is an art that I hope to master. “

Dr. Permenter is goal oriented. She states, “Goals? Where do I begin! I would love to create a multidisciplinary lifestyle medicine facility to better educate patients on how to take care of themselves. I enjoy sports medicine, aesthetics, mental health, women's health, pediatrics as well as management of chronic conditions. If I can find a way to incorporate all of these passions into one community-focused lifestyle medicine facility, I could better get to the root cause of chronic and debilitating disease that most Americans face. For now, I am enjoying building my practice in Shreveport, LA to better serve a community in major need of medical services.”

Dr. Permenter loves what she does, and she is always looking for a way to do it better. This quality was recognized even in medical school as she was awarded the Michael O. Fleming Family Medicine Award in 2017. She continues to exemplify her favorite quote, “You treat a disease: you win, you lose. You treat a person; I guarantee you win - no matter the outcome." -Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams daily in her practice.

She married to her husband, Christopher Permenter, prior to starting my medical training. They now have two children, Cayden who is 9, and Aubrey 2. They also have 2 fur babies, Cairo and Miya.

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