Bharwani headshot webMeet our January Member of the Month, Sunil A. Bharwani, MD. Dr Bharwani is originally from Belize but has made Alexandria his home. He completed his undergraduate education at the University College of Belize in Medical Laboratory Technology and earned his medical degree from the Central America Health Sciences University in Belize in 2002. He went on to complete his residency at the Alexandria Family Medicine Residency program in June 2007. He has been employed with Rapides Regional Physician Group since that time.

When asked what inspired you to become a family physician, Dr. Bharwani states, “Someone once told me – if someone wants to help, start with one, but if someone wants to make a difference then inspire many. Good health starts by changing one family at a time. I always wanted to serve others in a way that I not only have the ability to help just one, but also many; therefore, I chose to be a family physician. I am happy to be a part of this great field of medicine that cares for the entire family’s wellbeing. When a patient states I am their family physician, I welcome this honor to care for all members of that family. As a family physician, I am also honored to be part of a great family of physicians who dedicate their lives to care for the health and wellbeing of others.”

Dr. Bharwani strives to “give medical advice to all those in need. He says, “To be a successful family physician starts with listening more than speaking. The best medical approach can only be attained if the first step is LISTENING.” He continues “I have been given the opportunity to help improve the health of many families. In doing so, the possibility exists of changing the lives of many. One condition that has gained my interest is obesity. Over the years, I have realized that the root cause of many health problems is poor diet choices. I encourage and educate the importance to stop the inheritance of unhealthy eating habits. After properly educating them on the basics of nutrition, a young family decided that this would not be a part of their inheritance to their kids. They then made a drastic change in their diet. Hopefully this would lead to good eating habits for generations to come. This gives me great hope for a healthier future for all.”

Dr. Bharwani is married to Dr. Catherine Jerez Bharwani, who is also a family physician. They met in medical school and then pursued their medical careers together. Both were accepted and completed residency together. They have one son, Rishi, who is 11 years old and aspires to follow in his parents’ footsteps. They are the joy of his life.

Dr. Bharwani enjoys spending his free time with his family playing board games, riding our bikes and travelling. His favorite getaway is going to amusement parks and theme parks in Florida with his family.

LAFP is proud to recognize Dr. Bharwani as our member of the month!

LAFP’s Member of the Month program highlights Louisiana family physicians in the Weekly Family Medicine Update and on the LAFP website. We feature a biography and a Q&A with a different LAFP member each month and his or her unique approach to family medicine. If you know an outstanding family physician colleague who you think should be featured as a Member of the Month or if you’d like to tell your own story, nominate yourself or your colleague by contacting Lee Ann Albert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 225.301.1947.


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