Janese headshotBold. Courageous. Determined. From Paramedic to Family Physician

Dr. Janese is a third-year resident in the Emergency Medicine / Family Medicine Residency Program at LSU Health in Shreveport. He grew up in Hallettsville and Houston, Texas in a medical family. His father is a neurosurgeon and his mom is a retired director of nursing.

Prior to attending medical school at Saba University, he was a paramedic. He believes that his personal experience as a paramedic played a large factor is his deciding to become a physician. Dr. Janese states, “I wanted to see if medicine was really what I wanted to do. I became an EMT and worked for 911 Dispatch in North Houston.” He continues, “I liked that so much that I earned my A-EMT. I was selected into the field for 911 transport and completed my paramedic training. I finished my graduate degree in biology with honors at Baylor University and applied to medical school.”

Dr. Janese states, “I chose family medicine for continuity and the broad scope of practice that is afforded to primary care physicians. Clinic is my favorite place because it can be urgent care, nursery, wellness center, or just a general area to have a conversation with your patient. It truly is remarkable all the things that we can do there that many don’t realize.” Dr. Janese continues, “My best experiences have been the long, but rewarding hours, doing crisis medicine with disasters and outbreaks. I enjoy being the person that can fit into that spot and be there for patients when they need medicine the most.” Dr. Janese credits the faculty and staff at LSU Health in shaping him into the professional physician. He states, “I am very blessed to have them in my life.”

We asked Dr. Janese “If you weren’t a family physician, what would you would you be doing?” He states, “I would be back on the ambulance helping patients.” In fact, he still works as a paramedic riding on the ambulance or in a supervisory role when he is back home in Texas. While in Shreveport, he teaches a the local the local community college and assists the Shreveport Fire Department and Lavaca County EMS with clinical management and medical direction.

When Dr. Janese is not in clinic, teaching at the local community college or working with a fire department, he enjoys spending time with his family and escaping to restaurants on the weekends.

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