Video ThumbnailThe LAFP is thrilled to celebrate a milestone in our history – celebrating 75 years of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians. Our academy was formed in 1947 and has been at the forefront of the specialty since its inception.  As we mark the 75-year anniversary of this amazing organization, we can take pride that we remain anchored by the core principles of the LAFP's mission: to promote and support Louisiana’s family physicians in providing excellent health care, service and leadership.  

Our leaders over the years follow in the great footsteps of Dr. Jason P. Sanders, our first LAFP President. Like him, they have an unfaltering commitment to the specialty of family medicine.  "As today’s EVP, I am honored and grateful for our leaders who, like him, have paved the way decade after decade for such a successful organization", stated Ragan LeBlanc.  Like its been said “The foundation of any great organization is rooted in service. It is the nurturing force that fuels all growth.”  So many of our LAFP members should take pride in knowing that they have contributed to the legacy and success of the LAFP.  The academy and its achievements have been shaped by the strength and the foundations that many of them have set. 


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