Hurricane Prepare Now Disasters and emergencies can happen at any time. Are you prepared? Is your practice prepared?

Disaster Preparedness

With the ever-present threat of hurricane activity in Louisiana, the LAFP urges all members to get prepared!  Here is a list of helpful resources: (source:


Checklist for Disaster Preparedness

  • Stay informed on the evolving event, and share that information with personnel/staff/employees to ensure enough time to take appropriate action
  • Maintain an updated contact list of all personnel/staff/employees, including home phone numbers, cellphones and other emergency contact number and encourage staff to share their personal evacuation plans and their availability for post-event emergency efforts
  • Make decisions early about closing the office, or availability in services provided by your practice to your patients
  • Communicate major changes in your office operations with patients; Be prepared to answer questions about rescheduling options, alternative treatment facilities and what they can do to maintain care of their diagnosed conditions
  • Charge cell phones and laptops prior to event
  • Bring office server and back up files with you in the event of an evacuation; Files may not be easily accessed on another server with different software
  • In the event of an evacuation, take important office business documents, such as insurance policies, payroll information, lease agreements, etc., with you when you leave
Customize these easy-to-use disaster preparedness manuals to create a disaster preparedness plan for use in the midst of a disaster or disaster recovery period.

Pandemic Influenza

Use these resources to help prepare your office for a pandemic influenza outbreak.

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