Catherine Torry headshot web 01Our July Member of the Month is Catherine Torry, a rising fourth-year medical student at LSU Health New Orleans who has a commitment to Family Medicine and a dedication to serving others.

Ms. Torry was born in Trinidad and Tobago and grew up Lafayette after moving there at nine years old. After graduating from the University of Louisiana Lafayette, she commissioned into the Louisiana Army National Guard and deployed to Iraq serving as a Medical Services Officer. She currently serves in the Louisiana Army National Guard at Jackson Barracks, New Orleans.

Ms. Torry talks about how she chose Family Medicine, “I can’t imagine a time in my life where I didn’t want to practice medicine. It has always been a dream of mine. When I was little, medicine was mainly helping people feel better, but as I grew up, practicing medicine became more and more interesting. Medicine was particularly interesting to me because of the interconnectivity between organ systems but also between physical and mental health. Besides my interest in medicine, I have always had the desire to serve others. What better way to serve my community than promoting health and being able to provide resources to those in need.”

Ms. Torry has been a champion of Family Medicine at LSU Health while serving as the FMIG President. When asked about why it is important to be actively involved in the FMIG/LAFP. She states, “LAFP and my school’s FMIG have both been essential to my medical school journey. Our meetings helped me maintain my enthusiasm for medicine even when medical school gets tough. It helped me better understand how important my role as a future Family Medicine Physician will be to my patients. LAFP and FMIG have provided me with opportunities to connect with Physicians and to discuss the need for Family Physicians in the Louisiana healthcare system.”

She continues, “A lot of students don’t know the scope of practice, residency training, or the potential for community involvement which I think can have a huge impact for community healthcare. LAFP and FMIG meetings are essential for the advocacy of Family Medicine and to attract more students to Family Medicine.”

Ms. Torry’s future plans include attending a Louisiana Family Medicine Residency Program after graduation. After residency, she hopes to practice around Lafayette with a focus on rural medicine while also continuing her military service in the LA National Guard. She would also like to be involved with a community clinic or a school-based clinic.

When she is not studying, she loves spending time with her family. Her hobbies include painting, doing arts and crafts with her nieces, and taking her dogs on adventures.

Help us congratulate Catherine Torry as our July Member of the Month!

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