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Be the "Family Physician of the Day" at the capitol during the 2021 Legislative Session.  The 2021 Legislative session will convene Monday, April 12, 2021, and will adjourn on June 10th.
Member of the Month
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Dr. Marilyn D. Marshall

Congratulations to our Member of the Month for March. Dr. Marshall is an academic physician who did not consider academics as a practice choice, but academics chose her. She is the first African American female Program Director for the LSUHSC Lafayette Family Medicine Program.


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The LAFP Welcomes New Members

We would like to welcome the new members for the month of February:

New Active Members:
Jeremy Knott, MD
Michele Terese Lagarde-May, MD
David Allan Longmire, MD
Yolonda Erika Spooner, MD

New Student Members:
Benjamin Roger Becnel
Jessica Blanchard, RD
Mariel Colon-Leyva
Elizabeth Dao
Thea Dennis
Christine Omorontionmwan Edomwande, MS
Stanley Melchor Fuentes
Tiffany Han
Melissa Rose Infosino
Chris S. Kim MA
Paul A. Krugler, II
Courtney Lee
My-Huyen Mindy Ngo
Kayla Penny
Chantal B. Pham
Katelyn Robillard, PhD
Brenna Sanders
Ivy Sandquist, MS
William Smith, MS
Megan Snyder
David Szarvas

White Coat Wednesday at the Capitol
This year, we are excited to invite our LAFP members to two events allowing you to interact with your legislators! On April 20, 2021, we will host a legislative reception at the Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge. The reception is scheduled for 6 p.m. or upon adjournment of the legislature. The next morning at 7:30 a.m., we will kickoff White Coat Wednesday at the Lt. Governor's apartment in the Pentagon Barracks. You will be able to attend committee meetings of your choice, as well as, have the opportunity to visit with your legislators while they are in a legislative session. Registration will be available at a later date, so please check back.

Coding E/M Visits by Medical Decision Making
Starting Jan. 1, physicians will be able to code evaluation and management visits based solely on medical decision making (MDM), which includes these three elements:
Problems: These are the patient concerns you are addressing during the visit (the patient may have other medical issues, but if you’re not addressing them at this particular visit, they don’t count toward the visit level). Each visit will be designated as “minimal,” “low,” “moderate,” or “high” in this category, depending on how many problems are addressed, whether they are chronic or acute, and whether the chronic problems are stable.
Data: This is each unique test, order, or document you have to review for the visit. Each visit will be designated “minimal or none,” “limited,” “moderate,” or “extensive” in this category, depending on the amount of data reviewed, the data’s complexity, and where it came from (e.g., “external” data comes from physicians or providers of a different specialty or different group practice). Two important notes: For coding purposes, a panel counts as a single “unique test,” and you can’t use interpretation of data toward the visit level if you’re also billing separately for that interpretation.
Risk: This is the patient’s risk of morbidity or mortality based on the problems addressed and interventions discussed. Each visit will be designated “minimal,” “low,” “moderate,” or “high” in this category, depending on whether the problems call for decisions about prescription drug management, surgery, hospitalization, or cessation of care (e.g., entering hospice).
For more information, please CLICK HERE.

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