Career Center PicPlace your job posting in front of Louisiana's best and brightest! LAFP's Career Center allows job seekers to post anonymous resumes, browse job postings and communicate with you. Access this targeted and qualified pool of talent by advertising your jobs on our career center.

The LAFP Career Center has the talent you’re looking for. Find the health care industry’s best talent HERE.

  • Easily POST jobs
  • Search the RESUME BANK – Pay only for resumes of job seekers interested in your position
  • ACCESS highly-qualified, professional candidates
  • Set-up PRE-SCREEN FILTERS to deliver the best candidates

Regardless of your staffing needs or budget, we have a recruitment product that's right for your business.  You can also beef up your exposure with a banner ad on the Career Center home page. Visit the Classified Ads and Advertising Rates and find a product that fits your needs. 

Questions? Contact the LAFP office by phone at 225.923.3313 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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