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Legislative PrioritiesLAFP is fighting every day for your practice and your patients. From fair payment from government and private insurance, to access to care for the medically underserved, to professional liability protections, LAFP is working hard on your behalf to make sure the voice of family medicine is heard throughout Louisiana.  

The Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians actively pursues and supports legislation to:
  1. Increase access to affordable, quality and comprehensive health care.
  2. Successfully address the severe shortage of primary care physicians in Louisiana.
  3. Significantly improve the overall health of Louisiana and its citizens

The LAFP supports state policy and legislation that: Develops & Implements the Patient Centered Medical Home Model The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) places an emphasis on prevention and wellness to eliminate unnecessary care and could save Louisiana’s Medicaid program millions of dollars. Under the PCMH model, primary care physicians oversee all aspects of a patient’s care and coordinate a team of specialty practitioners to meet the patient’s needs at every stage of life. Also, qualified PCMH physician practices would be eligible for increased payments for face-to-face primary care services and a per-patient, per-month care management fee for each PCMH Medicaid patient.
Protects Medical Liability Caps
The current statutory medical liability cap on non-economic damages is rational, reasonable and provides stability to Louisiana's health care system. It is vital to maintaining affordable, high quality care in attracting qualified doctors in Louisiana.
Creates Medical Student Loan Forgiveness Program
Louisiana has a severe shortage of primary care physicians. To help fill that gap, the LAFP supports a loan forgiveness program for medical students who agree to practice in high shortage areas in Louisiana, with a special focus on those who specialize in primary care.
Increases Medicaid Reimbursement Rate
In an effort to attract physicians to Louisiana, the LAFP will pursue increases in the MA reimbursement rate for physicians, especially those that relate to pay-for-performance strategies and/or the development of a PCMH payment structure.

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Your LaFamPac Dollars at Work:

  • Protect medicaid reimbursement from larger cuts
  • Prohibit further expansion of other providers and disciplines into primary care scope of practice
  • Thwart regulations that add to administrative overload and impede patient access to quality care


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