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The LAFP Foundation is grateful to its compassionate donors whose support demonstrates their involvement, interest, and commitment to our mission to cultivate student career choice in the specialty of family medicine. THANK YOU to our donors for their continuous support of Foundation programs!

Memorial Gifts

These gifts are a sincere expression of sympathy and a fitting way to honor the memory of those who were important to us. Below are 2020 memorial gift donors.

Honor Gifts

These gifts were made in honor of someone special or to recognize an important event. Below are the 2020 honorary gift donors.

Every effort has been made to ensure that donor lists are accurate; however, if your name has been omitted, misspelled, or misplaced, we apologize and ask that you notify us of necessary corrections by contacting the LAFP by email or calling 225.923.3313.

Individual Donor Recognition Levels

Visionary Donor (gifts over $2,500)

Ochsner Health System   Paul B. Rachal, MD 

Benefactor Donor (gifts of $1,000 — $2,499)

Michael Fleming, MD   Marguerite Picou, MD.
Christopher Foret, MD   Camille Pitre, MD
Nichole Guillory, MD   Vincent Shaw, MD
Jonathan Hunter, MD   Ronald Slipman, MD
Michael Madden, MD   James Taylor, Jr., MD
Bryan Picou, MD    

Champion Donor (gifts of $500 — $999)  

Aetna Inc   Darrin Menard, MD
Kenneth Brown, MD   Allen Spires, MD
Douglas Mehaffie, MD    

Supporter of the Foundation (gifts of $200 — $499)  

Bryan Bertucci, MD   Jack Heidenreich, MD
Melvin Bourgeois, MD   >Brandon Page, MD 
Richard Bridges, MD   Dianna Phan, MD
Elderidge Burns, MD   Bryan Picou, Jr., MD
Brian Callihan, MD   Zachary Pray, MD
James Campbell, MD   Tahir Qayyum, MD
Russell Cummings, MD     James Smith, MD
Gerald Foret, MD   Michael Williams, MD  
Wayne Gravois, MD    

Friend of the Foundation (gifts under $200)

Michael Arcuri, MD   Trent L. James, MD   J Michael Smith, MD
Michael Bacon, MD   Dan Jens, MD   Robert St. Amant, MD
Mohammad Bashir, MD   Lindsay Kurtts   Linda Stewart, MD
Libeau Berthelot, MD   Robert Lahasky, MD    Carol Swift-Smothers, MD
Brenda Boudreaux     Michael Marcello, MD   Katy Thomas
Donald Brignac, MD   Jose Mata, MD   John Walker, MD
Lisa Casey, MD   Jeffery McDowell   David Ware, MD
Vicki Cobb, MD      Carl McLemore, Jr., MD   Bob Wieland
Mary Coleman, MD   Louis Minsky, MD   Pamela Wiseman, MD
Rafael Cortes, MD    Michael Munger, MD   Rachel Wissner, MD
Chuck Cucchiara, MD   Joseph Nida, MD   Marelle Young, MD
Patrick Cudahy, MD   Danette Null, MD    
Nicholas Daigle   Ashor Odisho, MD    
Barry Dunn   Teri O’Neal, MD    
Athena Fredrick   Jake Joseph Rodi, MD    
Brad Gaspard   Cesar Roque, Jr., MD    
Sam Grimmer, MD   Kathleen Rosson, MD    

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