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The mission of the LAFP Foundation is to cultivate student career choice in the specialty of family medicine.

Vision and Purpose:

The Foundation’s strategic vision is to ensure a thriving family physician workforce for Louisiana. Foundation programs have benefited thousands of Louisiana medical students and residents through educational grants, preceptorship stipends, and scholarships. For a successful plan and growth moving forward, we need you. As the specialty of family medicine grows, so does the vision of the Foundation.
The purpose of the LAFP Foundation is to establish and administer programs that accomplish our mission through: 
  • The support of activities that encourage medical students to pursue family medicine as their intended specialty.
  • The support of research activities in family medicine which ultimately may result improved patient care. 
  • The facilitation and enhancement of communication between family physicians and the community. 

Goals of the Foundation

The Foundation has as its goal to advance primary health care throughout Louisiana by supporting the specialty of Family Medicine. The Foundation is achieving this goal by:

  • Supporting the goals and projects of the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians
  • To encourage premedical and medical students to pursue the specialty of family medicine
  • Developing programs that encourage and assist students in choosing a career in Family Medicine
  • Developing and providing funding resources to promote and support of the specialty of Family Medicine
  • To provide Louisiana family practice residents with educational opportunities that might not otherwise be available
  • Developing projects that promote the health care of citizens throughout Louisiana

Click through the Foundation’s pages to learn more about who we are, what we do, and what you can do to help cultivate future family physicians. If you have questions about the Foundation, please contact the LAFP by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 225.923.3313.

The People Behind the Mission

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees and staff members work hard to ensure that the organization creates and supports programs that advance the values of family medicine and help improve the health of Louisianans.

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