Chris Fontenot headshotDr. Fontenot was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana. He grew up in Opelousas and attended high school and college in Lafayette. He then went to medical school at William Carey College of Osteopathic Medicine. His ties to Acadiana brought him back home for residency at the LSU- Lafayette Family Medicine Residency Program.

Dr. Fontenot is the first physician in his family. Growing up in the small town of Opelousas, Dr. Fontenot describes how his hometown physicians helped him become a family doctor, “I shadowed multiple doctors in my hometown. The patient physician relationship I observed was the biggest driver to be a physician. I enjoy talking to patients and establishing a relationship.” He continues on why he chose family medicine, “I enjoy the broad scope of practice of family medicine. I see patients from newborn to geriatrics. In my medical career, I have practiced in the ER, Hospice, Wound Care, Hospitalist, and now Academics. My training in family medicine has allowed me to flourish in many roles in my career.”

Dr. Fontenot is currently a core faculty member at LSU-Lafayette Family Medicine Residency Program. His official title is Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine. He practices in the wound care clinic at University Health Center in addition to the family medicine clinic. We asked Dr. Fontenot what led him to academic medicine. He states, “Academic medicine allows me to share my knowledge and advance my profession. When I was in residency, I enjoyed teaching the medical students.   I eventually found my true calling when I started doing part-time precepting at the residency program. One of my mentors, Dr. Linda Ogé, took notice of the positive feedback from other staff and residents and offered me a position.”

Family medicine has provided Dr. Fontenot with a wealth of memorable experiences. He reflects on one in particular, “There are so many patients that stick out in my mind, it is hard to choose just one! I did have a patient as a resident who was admitted with pneumonia. The patient was a smoker and couldn't wait until discharge to light one up. She ended up lighting a cigarette while she was on supplemental oxygen and caught the room on fire! It was quite a scene!”

Dr. Fontenot is married to his beautiful wife Katie. Together they have 4 children: Juliet, Caroline, Scarlet, and Grayson. He enjoys skeet shooting. He was on the Teurlings Catholic Shooting Team in high school and won the state skeet shooting championship. His team even won the state championship two years in a row. He was also a member of the UL-Lafayette Shooting team for 2 years of college. Dr. Fontenot states, “If I weren’t a physician, I would be a politician! I would love to run for office one day. I enjoy researching topics and educating myself to figure out the best course of action.”

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