Take Advantage of the Louisiana Provider-to-Provider Consultation Line (PPCL)

PPCLMerger AnnouncementThe Louisiana Provider-to-Provider Consultation Line (PPCL) is a no-cost consultation and education program that assists healthcare providers in addressing the behavioral and mental health needs of their pediatric patients (ages 0-21) and perinatal patients. PPCL services aim to increase capacity in clinical settings for providers to screen, diagnose, treat, and refer as needed to mental health and supportive services through the following:

  • Consultation on diagnoses, medications, and psychotherapy interventions for a wide range of behavioral health needs (e.g. mental health care guides, screening forms)
  • Guidance on pediatric and perinatal behavioral health topics and issues through TeleECHO series, webinars, and in-person training events.
  • Resources to connect with community partners and agencies (e.g. intensive in-home providers, support groups).

Register and learn more at ldh.la.gov/ppcl. Providers can contact PPCL by calling (833) 721- 2881 or request a consult here.

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