Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana announced it will provide rebates to approximately 14,500 individual members and to employers of nearly 15,000 members who have coverage through 405 employer groups. These rebates are going to members across the state. Members who were covered in 2022 under a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana individual or HMO Louisiana, Inc. large group plan may be eligible for a rebate.

Success from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana’s efforts to hold the line on healthcare costs has enabled the insurer to share savings in the form of rebate checks to eligible members. Checks will be issued in September.

“At Blue Cross, our continued focus is on improving the quality of care and lowering healthcare costs for Louisianians,” said Dr. I. Steven Udvarhelyi, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. “Our Quality Blue program provides real results toward this goal by rewarding healthcare providers for getting better outcomes for their patients, which keeps costs in line.”

According to Udvarhelyi, the savings from Quality Blue, combined with a concerted effort to hold down the cost of medicines and services, have resulted in the insurer’s ability to issue rebates to these qualifying members and group customers. Rebates are part of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which sets a minimum percent of the premiums an insurer collects every year on medical care and quality improvement programs for members.

“We work hard to give our members the most value their plans have to offer, and we’re happy our efforts have paid off,” Udvarhelyi said.

Eligible individual members and group employers will receive a letter explaining the rebate, and should then receive their checks in the next few weeks. Members with questions can call the Customer Service number on their ID card.



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