FamilyMedicineChampions websiteThe Family Medicine Champions certificate program trains champions and ambassadors for family medicine to connect with students, and those who support them, to educate aspiring health care workers on the bright future of family medicine.

As a foundation of the AAFP’s priority to strengthen pathways to family medicine, the inaugural class of Family Medicine Champions will receive education and access to an exclusive community of individuals who support and guide students. Participants will be equipped to address misconceptions and uncover the facts about what family medicine is, and the myriad of opportunities available when practicing as a family medicine physician.

Twelve modules coving a range of topics such as educational requirements, financial support, workforce projections, health equity and much more will prepare participants to be Champions for Family Medicine.

In particular, the AAFP seeks chapter staff and member leaders to participate in a test group to receive training and support February–May 2024 and provide feedback on their experience.

Register by Dec. 15 to be among the first to participate and evaluate this new program!

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